Because this guy in my class says so.


Anyways, haven't posted anything in awhile. Long story short, things are entertainingly odd right now. Let's say I'm "between guys" right now. Yeah, that crush guy from before? Let's not go there. The new guy crush, let's not go THERE.

Wow, no banter today. I'm kinda dissappointed. OH, last night my best friend EVER *twinsisterlovehappydance* and I got to hang out with a bunch of these guys, and there was this one, he's so cute, but, at the same time, he's painfully shy, and it's one of those things where I'm just like, I wanna hug him to badly and talk to him so much, but that would be SO awkward, you know?


Sidebar, I made popcorn and my puppy is now watching me under the table like "You gonna finish that?" LAWLS

Anyways, there were 4 other guys too, one was amazing, and he'll only ever be my friend, but, that's all I want him to be, which is amazing, because he's awesome. Then there's another one who has alot of emotional issues and masks them through anger, which is sad, and we argue alot. Then there are these two brothers, they're a year apart, and older then me, and they're amazing, because as my sis says, they're "adorable".

They just have so many interesting things to talk about, and if they had a blog, like this, they would rock the pageviews. Seriously, it would be awesome.

Anyways, in other awesome news, I am now addicted to all of Michael Jackson's pre-white music. You know what I'm talking about, the 1980's Right-Now-He's-Really-Hot-But-Sometime-Later-When-He's-On-One-Of-Those-Where-Are-They-Now-Shows-You'll-Realize-How-Much-Time-And-Surgery-Has-Disrupted-That-Image. But seriously, in his time, he was a genius. No doubt.


OH, also, in not-so-awesome news, I watched a SOAP the other day. It was terrible, but SO funny. Like, these two divorced people were still living together in what I suspect was a house that they had owned for quite some time. Anyways, it was great, because the camera was so crappy it made it look like it was a home-movie, like, they probably just said "Oh, well, we don't sell enough soap to get a REAL tv production camera, so let's go out and buy a sony!" They were also apparently too cheap to buy paint, because you could distinctly see the spackle on the walls, and, oh yeah, there WAS NO PAINT. lol. it was so bad I wanted to cry but I couldn't because I was already CRYING LAUGHING.

Also, it's that time of the year folks, yes indeed, it's the time of the year where I once again acknowledge the FANTASTIC awesomeness of Disney movies. If you're reading this, go out and buy Beauty and the Beast. I don't care if it's $73.00, if you can actually afford to waste time by reading this blog, you obviously have enough money to be ABLE to waste time, so buy it you skanks. GAH.

The music is phenomenal, it really just makes you want to go and like, hug Alan Menken. Did he even compose it? I don't care, he did the "Hunchback of Notre Dame", and just for THAT he at LEAST deserves a grind, so, yeah, hop on that too. Not if he's really gross though, then you are excused from hugging him, because I do'nt like to hug gross people either. Like one time, one of my guy friends was all sweaty and gross and he wanted me to give him a hug.

Yeah, me no likey.

Anyways, I really have nothing to say, which is not only sad, it makes me depressed. I mean, this particular blog was so stupid even I wouldn't want to read it, and I had to WRITE it, imagine how painful that was. eww. Anyways, Lillyth Out.


-Lillyth V.J. Grymm




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