Because that song is amazing and I'm a nerd. lol.


 The other day I was hanging out with my amazingly awesome college-freshman cousin whom we will refer to only as Lizard. Because i actually call her that. which is sad. lol.

And it so happens she asked me a question that I have been thinking about for the past 4 days ever since. Which is strange because, although I love talking to her, we never really talk about anything that stimulates me for a long period of time. (if Lizard ever sees this, you know its true)

Anyways, we were walking to her apartment and she asked me "What is Love?" actually I believe it went something more like this:

"What is love? Many people have tried to describe it to me but it's hard to describe."

YES. Yes it is. And that's what has been bothering me for the past few days. Personally I think love means something different to everyone. I mean, you can love your family, that is a way, and you can love your friends, that is another way.

But the way she meant it was like, when you are in love WITH somebody. And that is the hardest thing to describe ever. It's like trying to describe the taste of green or the sound of a book. I really don't think it can be done.

But just because this is my blog and nobody elses, I am going to tell you my own personal opinion.

Alot of people say they "love" other people, i.e. boy/girlfriends they've only known a few weeks, or as I more commonly see people will casually say "Oh I love you" to someone completely random. Heck, I do it all the time. Which is why I think we cannot describe love, because the use of the word itself has been diminished down to something the equivalent of saying "hello" to a passerby.

However it is my opinion that, for those who genuinely seek it in somebody else, that 'love' is still real, and that it comes when you have someone who you cannot see a future without. Because you love them in that way that makes you hesitant/unwilling to let them go. It's not that you CANT live without them, because you can, it's that you don't want to ever have to experience that feeling, because you want them with you all the time.

I think alot of people, in society today in general, don't apply this "future glance" when choosing a spouse, and I think that is why people nowadays divorce so often. I think we are so blinded by the goal of not being alone, and having that "other half" that we don't take the time to really explore a relationship, instead we dive right into things.

Anyways I was going somewhere with this but I forget because I'm tired. i"ll update later when I'm not losing my mind.



-Lillyth V.J. Grymm


K so I haven't exactly posted in like, months and months and months. That's because I have been busy. being a naughty girl. LOL jk.

Anyways so alot has happened. But alot of it is boring so you're not going to hear about it.


k the juice is as follows:

I have a b/f now. He's rly amazing, and pretty fantastic I must say, and very unexpected. Like, everyone we know was shocked that we got together, heck, I was shocked. But it's really good. like, REALLY good. It's just rly good. alot. lol hehehe.

Anyways the reason I mention this is because one of my best friends, whom we shall refer to as PMBS (for reasons only beknownst to me) has taken it upon himself to make me feel bad about the relationship. What's sad is, I don't even think he GETS it. Leave it to a man to completely miss the point when it's ACTUALLY important that he gets it. For instance, we were discussing an event the other day that couples usually attend: the Prom. Now, unless something drastically unexpected happens, I am fully planning on going with my b/f whom we weill refer to as "cookie monster" for reasons that are known only to me and possibly him if his memory is good (and its' not). Now PMBS makes a comment to the effect of "you won't be together by the time prom rolls around"


Other then that it's just his general attitude when I'm talking about cookie monster (C.M.). For instance, he makes stupid little snippity comments about him whenever I talk about him, and even goes the extra mile to act pissy when I talk about him. (not exactly friendly support, is it?)

So what, you ask, prompted me to write about this TODAY if all other days I've been semi-okay with it?


I was just talking to him on the phone and in true PMBS fashion he asked me "So, how long do you think you two will last?"

WTH KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT? Honestly what kind of friend asks a frickin dumb-mother question like that? I mean, I would totally understand if it was anyone else but not someone who KNOWS about the relationship and KNOWS that we've got a good thing going.

You know, just last week PMBS was telling me how he gets jealous or watever every time he sees a couple (like C.M. and I ) together because he's in a long-distance relationship and can't see his little lover. I sympathize, having been in one as well HOWEVER: THIS DOES NOT, under ANY circumstances, give him the right to whine and moan about MY relationship, NOR does it give him the right to just plain be obnoxiously butt-ish about it. I don't appreciate it. Unless I'm dating my own brother (in which case incest=wrong) I EXPECT my friends to be supportive. I don't care what your excuse is, friends don't let friends drive drunk, and friends don't give other friends negative insight.

I mean, it's honestly bringing me down to the point that I am worried about the relationship. and it absolutely pisses me off because I was having a perfectly good time and loving life until stupid people had to come ruin it for me. I don't even understand it. If you're so upset about your own relationship and the long-distance that you're suffering, I'm sorry, but that has NOTHING to do with me. I would much rather PMBS just SHUT UP ALTOGETHER then keep making me miserable about my own life.


More to come after I stop seething about people being total idiots.


Lillyth V.J. Grymm

Pizza Buddies 05/28/2008

Because together we make a sausage and pepperoni with extra cheese. (he gets it)

So, one of my best friends EVER, my pizza-dock-window-shooting-stickin-every-day-amigo-boy decided to do something amazing the other day.

He gave up the ash. For good.

I'm hoping it works, I took all of his nicotine/tobacco products and am holding them hostage at my house while he goes through withdrawl and gets better and I am writing this journal for the specific purpose of expressing how proud of him I am. And this time, he means it.

One time before he ran out of cigs and told me he would see how long he could go without them and it took him a day to buy more. This time he hasn't given in and it makes me so happy. He's tolerated the headaches and the first-day-major-fainting-spell all to better himself, and it's so exciting. So here's to you, J2! :)


More to come about other things,


-Lillyth V.J. Grymm


Because I was writing poetry the other day and had the inspiration to be an advocate.


You know for some odd reason lately I've gotten into so many causes. It could be because the people that matter most to me are the ones that are doing all of the things I hate, but it could also be because I just plain like to go against the grain. (whatever the heck that means)

Anyways, I've been writing alot lately, which is odd because I LOVE to write, but unless I'm inspired it won't happen, and with the amount of work I have to do, that inspiration is rare. However, I have a muse.

As much as (if he reads this) this will creep him out, one of my good friends has inspired this line of writing, he and another of my guy friends who are very similar seem to stimulate this side of me that I (and others) rarely see. You see, every so often a lifeform comes about which gives me motivation. Because if I may be quite frank the Will to Live is something I lack on a day-to-day basis.

I find myself wondering countless times about the true meaning of life, and, while I have a reason to live, I delve so much into other's emotions and see their hurt and problems so much that they become a part of me and I begin to question life itself. In any case, every so often someone comes along and by seeing things through their eyes I begin to understand why it is that we go on as people. Our drive, what makes us keep going, and it sustains me. In some cases, stimulates me to want to do stuff like write, as I have been doing.

Anyways, I may post some of it, but, basically alot of it has to do with addictions because alot of people I have come to know have such things and it makes me so upset because (while it may not be a problem at the MOMENT) it is going to seriously mess them up in the future and for that I am extremely sad.

Sidebar: I have been terribly depressed lately, which is why my blogging has turned more serious then sattire. Please excuse, as I have alot to deal with right now. (none of which I am enjoying)


-Lillyth V.J. Grymm


There is a teacher of mine, an English teacher, and I literally hang on her every word.

No. Joke.

I mean, in most of my classes I sit and listen but I don't "listen", in other words, I hear, but I choose not to apply. Not in her class. Every word that she says is DRIPPING with wisdom, and even when I'm doodling or writing an essay, whenever she talks my ears just like, attach themselves to her words as they leave her mouth. It's fantastic. I mean, in all of my classes I NEVER want to do work, but in hers, I don't want to do work because I just love those classes when we can sit there and listen.

I don't think she appreciates me much as a student because I never say anything. I mean, I think alot, but I get distracted so easily. We analyze literature alot, and the fact of the matter is, I may have something she would like me to say positioned in my mind, but then someone else will raise their hand and say something and I'll get stuck on their thoughts and find myself analyzing their character based on what they see in the literature they're reading. Makes me feel like a bit of a liability  because if she could see my thoughts I'm sure she would appreciate it, but, she doesn't because I spend alot of my time thinking, and I prefer my thoughts to my speech to be honest.


Anyways, onto the point. Today we were talking about courage in the face of adversity. I forget who, but some man once said that

"Courage is not the lack of fear, it is acting in spite of it."

That is scarily true. Those who say they have no fear are not truly courageous, but those who admit their fear and still find a way to look past it to acheive a greater goal are those that are truly the courageous ones.

However, some act in spite of fear in ways that are.......wrong? dare I say?

My friend, my dear friend whom we shall call "Daniel" has this problem. You see, like most people he encases himself in a wall and only lets certain people in. Not because of some traumatic experience that led him there, just because in my own opinion he is as cowardly as he is cocky.

Now, as part of his defense mechanism, Daniel is a sensational flirt, I mean, it's horrific just how much (not to mention a turn off, which is why I reprimand him, what girl wants a player for a husband, right?) And he's "fallin in love" with this girl 3 years his junior. Now, she is a flirt as well, and they did this awkward kind of "friends with benefits" thing for about a week, and just yesterday, she called it off.

He. Was. Crushed.

He told me that being emotionally connected to someone was a joke and he would never do it again, only flirt. THIS is what I call cowardice. He is just upset because he failed with a girl he was "in love" with even though he flirted with her when she still HAD a boyfriend and should have seen it coming because she was just as much playing with him as he was her.

He made a mistake, he took on a "taken" girl, thought she loved him even though it was OBVIOUS to anyone watching that this was a bad situation, and was left as a result. And now he's apparently not going to love anyone ever again.....blahblahblah.

This I say to whoever is reading. LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES. In my opinion he should take the knowledge that you should not attach yourself to a girl who has a boyfriend and expect her to be faithful and APPLY it. Don't sit in your little corner and shut yourself up just because it didn't go your way and you're so used to girls falling all over you. LEARN. LEARN AND APPLY.

Now, I will never tell him this but I spoke with his "love" the night after this occured, and she told me precisely everything I thought was true about her. Now, I have no grudge against her, she is a lovely person and I enjoyed talking to her, but, it wasn't a serious thing as he thought it was to her, and she was never in love with him like he thought she was.

This is another piece of advice for guys, if a girl refuses a relationship with you and doesn't want to be seen kissing you, SHE DOES NOT LOVE YOU. It's a no-brainer.

I have another rant on this same person coming up shortly, stay tuned :)

Love to you all!


-Lillyth V.J. Grymm


Because this guy in my class says so.


Anyways, haven't posted anything in awhile. Long story short, things are entertainingly odd right now. Let's say I'm "between guys" right now. Yeah, that crush guy from before? Let's not go there. The new guy crush, let's not go THERE.

Wow, no banter today. I'm kinda dissappointed. OH, last night my best friend EVER *twinsisterlovehappydance* and I got to hang out with a bunch of these guys, and there was this one, he's so cute, but, at the same time, he's painfully shy, and it's one of those things where I'm just like, I wanna hug him to badly and talk to him so much, but that would be SO awkward, you know?


Sidebar, I made popcorn and my puppy is now watching me under the table like "You gonna finish that?" LAWLS

Anyways, there were 4 other guys too, one was amazing, and he'll only ever be my friend, but, that's all I want him to be, which is amazing, because he's awesome. Then there's another one who has alot of emotional issues and masks them through anger, which is sad, and we argue alot. Then there are these two brothers, they're a year apart, and older then me, and they're amazing, because as my sis says, they're "adorable".

They just have so many interesting things to talk about, and if they had a blog, like this, they would rock the pageviews. Seriously, it would be awesome.

Anyways, in other awesome news, I am now addicted to all of Michael Jackson's pre-white music. You know what I'm talking about, the 1980's Right-Now-He's-Really-Hot-But-Sometime-Later-When-He's-On-One-Of-Those-Where-Are-They-Now-Shows-You'll-Realize-How-Much-Time-And-Surgery-Has-Disrupted-That-Image. But seriously, in his time, he was a genius. No doubt.


OH, also, in not-so-awesome news, I watched a SOAP the other day. It was terrible, but SO funny. Like, these two divorced people were still living together in what I suspect was a house that they had owned for quite some time. Anyways, it was great, because the camera was so crappy it made it look like it was a home-movie, like, they probably just said "Oh, well, we don't sell enough soap to get a REAL tv production camera, so let's go out and buy a sony!" They were also apparently too cheap to buy paint, because you could distinctly see the spackle on the walls, and, oh yeah, there WAS NO PAINT. lol. it was so bad I wanted to cry but I couldn't because I was already CRYING LAUGHING.

Also, it's that time of the year folks, yes indeed, it's the time of the year where I once again acknowledge the FANTASTIC awesomeness of Disney movies. If you're reading this, go out and buy Beauty and the Beast. I don't care if it's $73.00, if you can actually afford to waste time by reading this blog, you obviously have enough money to be ABLE to waste time, so buy it you skanks. GAH.

The music is phenomenal, it really just makes you want to go and like, hug Alan Menken. Did he even compose it? I don't care, he did the "Hunchback of Notre Dame", and just for THAT he at LEAST deserves a grind, so, yeah, hop on that too. Not if he's really gross though, then you are excused from hugging him, because I do'nt like to hug gross people either. Like one time, one of my guy friends was all sweaty and gross and he wanted me to give him a hug.

Yeah, me no likey.

Anyways, I really have nothing to say, which is not only sad, it makes me depressed. I mean, this particular blog was so stupid even I wouldn't want to read it, and I had to WRITE it, imagine how painful that was. eww. Anyways, Lillyth Out.


-Lillyth V.J. Grymm



Hillary Clinton is the Anti-Christ.

Thought you all should know.

Anyways, I haven't posted in awhile, in fact, up until a friend of mine mentioned my "mean people" post, I had entirely forgotten I had a website. Shows how much my readers REALLY matter to me. lol.

Here's a radical question that has been haunting the deep bowels of my mind for the past month and a half. Why do we write research papers?

My English teacher says we need to learn to write them for college, which only raises the ever-obvious question; Why do colleges require this trivial project? I understand it helps us with our research, blah blah blah, but seriously, why?

Alot of times you get the ever-arrogant student that asks "When am I going to use this in life?" Here's the thing, this is something you actually ARENT going to use in life. I'm not going to get out in the field of psychiatry (my dream :) ) and write RESEARCH papers on all of my patients. Furthermore, unlike some doctors, I don't believe I ever shall have a patient phenomenal enough to write a medical journal, so why in the heck do I need to know how to write the "proper way"? I understand that you need to know how to write in english and with good grammar in order to succeed in life period, but why in the WORLD do we have all of these other trivial little procedures?

My English teacher got off on a schpiel (sp?) a few weeks ago about how we need to cite our sources because we NEED sources because we aren't good enough writers to write without someone elses aide. I say that's bull crap. Alot of the writers that write the books we used got their information from a source previously, but they sure didn't cite it, did they? No, because apparently they were "good enough". So my question is what makes them any better? Can we not plow through a few descent books and form our own opinions with which to write OUR papers? Apparently not.

My topic was Freedom of Speech. I could have probably written a decent sized paper WITHOUT the use of a book because I just happen to know alot about the topic historically. It's not that hard to form an opinion of your own. The writers who wrote the books we were supposed to be writing our papers from did it, so why not us?

That is all. Not because I know that from a book, but because my own OPINION says that is all. So Suck it.

-Lillyth V.J. Grymm


Listen up. Mean people suck.

I realize that by saying this, I am being a hypocrite, because by saying mean people suck, I am being mean to the mean people. But, it cancels out in this instance. Don't like it? Well, it's my blog, too bad.

I'm talking about the people who are mean and, while it may not seem like it hurts the person on the OUTSIDE, it may hurt them alot on the inside.

Now, I'm not one to sit here and give the ever-church-like speech about how being mean is wrong and we should love each other. I'm mean every day. And not just to people I hate, to people I love too. And it's awful, I know it is, but I'm a naturally mean spirited person. Not only that, I'm a naturally sarcastic person who loves to get their way, but, that's beside the point. What I can't stand is people who don't know when to stop.

I don't want to be all "high and mighty" on you, but, again, my blog, my rules. I try to maintain the common sense (after going through some very nasty incidents in which I did NOT stop) to know when to stop. In essence, I try to stop running after the finish line, instead of taking another lap. (Btw, I'm not advocating mean-ness, I'm merely pointing out that I AM mean by nature, and am trying to do better about it)

But there are people I know, who don't stop. Which is irritating, because the hurt is almost PALPABLE by the time they DO finally stop and you just are like "You know what? That's not nice, so why don't you stick a fork in it before I take care of that FOR you?"

I mean, it's awful, and I know you know what I'm taking about because you've probably done it to somebody, and if you've had it done to YOU, you have a more likely chance of doing it because you've been hurt and therefore you harbor anger and take that anger out in the same way it was taken out on you.

It's one big annoying cycle. GAH.

Wish there was more to say, seems like I had something else to talk about..........huh.

I'll update later tonight or tomorrow :) 'till then, cheers!


-Lillyth V.J. Grymm


More irritations from the house of Grymm. Hopefully they'll stop soon enough, but, somehow, with this group of people I'm referencing, I severely doubt it.

Alright, this one's about immaturity, rude behavior, and dependancy.

I want to start with dependancy, because this is actually a happy story from the Vault of Grymm. One of my dear friends, I've known him for about 4 years now, has been doing some extraordinary things lately for which I would like to commend him. He used to be incredibly depressed, dependant, worrysome and rather drama-oriented. Now he's seeing a counselor, and strongly thinking out his decisions, when usually they would be based on impulse or pier pressure, or the mere fact that he was afraid to do anything else. Here we will call him Nick. Anyways, kudos to him.

Now onto the bad news

ple at my school have some serious issues. They (in my experience) are either immature, or posess no knowledge of manners and ethics whatsoever.

I can only take people in small doses, as of now, there are about 2 people (both male, because alot of guys I know aren't morons) that i can honestly say I could be stuck in a room with and not go crazy. Everyone else, at some point, will drive me nuts.

For instance, overly immature people. I've dealt with ALOT of these at my school. People that don't have a grip on reality, who live too much in the fairy tale of what "could" happen, rather then what is GOING to happen. For instance, people who believe that the person that they "love" but NEVER talk to is in love with them, when in reality if you don't establish any sort of relationship, this is not going to happen. I don't care how much fiction and happy endings you've read, this is life, not "Enchanted" (which, by the way, was a lovely film). It's just so irritating because you want to smack them and go "NO, this is REAL LIFE, don't you understand? This is not Romeo and Juliet, courtship is a thing of the past. If you want it, go get it, and if you don't go get it, OF COURSE you're going to end up without him. It's inevitable." but, at the same time, you can't, because they are so fragile in their beliefs that if you do, it could have a major emotionally traumatic effect on them, and you would be afraid that they would do something stupid like kill themselves, so you leave them in their little eggshell world where everyone is happy, while secretly seething that it IS NOT happy because quite honestly, I don't care how much you "feel" like it's going to work out. Unless you make an attempt, it's going to end up NOT IN YOUR FAVOR.

Rude Behavior. In my last blog I schpeiled (sp? hate that word) forEVER about this, but, I find that it follows me EVERYWHERE. So annoying............ Anyways, this is like the immature people, in fact, both make me feel like I'm babysitting a high school child. It's awful, it's absolutely terrible. People just think that anything goes, and then, when it happens to them (like, they think it's okay to steal from YOUR purse and take your belongings) they pitch a fit like its' the most awful thing on the planet and THEY're the ones who are appalled. It's atrocious. I admit to taking things before but not recently. You know why? Because I can GROW UP. Something these people who live in BOXES cannot seem to understand.

And so we come to the center of the issue. A large percentage of the people I hang out with live in a box where they think everything is "Christian" and everything is "happy" and "fun" and they're going to have a happy ending where all the world is baptized. This is simply NOT THE CASE. It does not matter if that is what you believe, because it isn't true anyways. I understand that I'm a Christian, but I also understand that alot of people ARENT, and even if they are, they don't always act like it. If you can go through life living the Christian lifestyle, kudos for yuo, I'm so happy, but you have to understand that life is harsh. BAD THINGS HAPPEN. At some point you're going to leave your  safe environment with your "mommie" and "daddie" and at that point if you do'nt understand that life is hard, you're going to have a hard time progressing in the real world. There are people I know who are so far into their box that if anyone came up to them and told them that they were an atheist, they would crawl in a corner and NEVER speak to them again. I know people who claim to want to help others, but who I know are so obsessed with making everything "good" and "Happy" and making you accept Christ that they would probably drive more people AWAY then CLOSER. In fact, I know people who are so goody-goody that just their presence makes people go "ugh, weird ". I know we need to be a good example, but at the same time, you cannot condemn someone for watching a PG-13 movie. You cannot tell someone that they are a bad person just because they went to a club over the weekend. Witnessing takes TIME and CARE, when youtell someone something like what is listed above,it's like handing them a Bible and telling them that unless they follow it, they're going to hell. I agree with witnessing, I don't agree with forcing your views on someone who doesn't want to hear it. I don't care if you feel like it's the only chance they'll get, God works in strange ways, and maybe if they're rejecting it now YOU aren't the person meant to speak to them. Or, if you are, maybe they'll be more excepting later, but telling them how everyhting in the world is bad and how they're bad for doing things that are a part of who they are currently is not the way to go.

-Lillyth V.J. Grymm


Alright, the last few weeks have been excessively annoying, so, in order to cope with all of this CRAP, I've decided to take out my frustration on this blog.




Alright, there are three main things that irritate me. I call them irritations, for lack of creativity.

1: People who think they're SO IMPORTANT that they can interrupt conversations I'm having to talk to me

2: People who knowingly do things to annoy me

3: Excessively Needy People (not needy like poor, I like to help poor people, I mean needy like they are desperate for attention.)

1: People who think they're so important they can interrupt me bother me. You know why? Because they aren't that important. If I'm having a conversation with someone ELSE, meaning someone OTHER THEN YOURSELF, that probably means that -for the moment at least-- they are more important then you. This means you should not:

A: Tap my shoulder and continuously repeat my name

B: Attempt to insert yourself into my conversation while simultaneously trying to interrupt it at any breaks.

C: Grab my shoulder and attempt to turn me away from the person I'm talking too.

Do you know why people I know shouldn't do these things? I assume you want to know, and if you don't, I'm telling you anyways. You see, there's a little word I like to use called ETIQUETTE. You know what that word means? According to dictionary.com it means conventional requirements as to social behavior; proprieties of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion.

For those of you lacking in the "brain" area, I'll put it simply. It means MANNERS. You don't have to go to cotillion to learn them. You know what I have discovered about alot of people my age? They don't have manners. If someone is talking to someone else, I will either wait for that conversation to be over, or politely offer an "excuse me", and take the person aside for just a minute. I'm not saying I'm better then anyone, but HONESTLY, it's COMMON SENSE. Unless you're dying or bleeding internally, there is NO reason you can't wait until it is YOUR TURN.


2: People that irritate me knowingly are so stupid. You notice how I look ticked off when you annoy me? That means it's probably NOT A GOOD IDEA. I admit, I have knowingly irritated people before, but, if they say stop, I oblige, I don't keep DOING IT CONSTANTLY like some people I know. Again, this is an etiquette situation. MANNERS PEOPLE. Do not steal my stuff if I say to stop, I don't care how funny you think it is, if you don't understand me when I say "IT IS NOT FUNNY>" I will pull an administrator over to kindly translate so you DO UNDERSTAND.


3: Needy people bother me. You know why? This one goes hand in hand with #1. Look, I respect the fact that you have problems, issues, low self-esteem, over-react, and are generally overemotional in ALL SITUATIONS (no matter how unnecessary) but quite frankly, I am not in a position where I want to hear all about how depressed you are 24/7. Just because you're unhappy doesn't mean I have to be. Go see a psychiatrist. Can't afford it? There's a lovely woman called the Guidance Counselor at most schools, and she/he is FREE! Imagine that. And you get to miss class to see them! How fantastic is that?

But seriously, needy people are annoying because some of them are so needy that they feel it necessary to always be around you. Personally, I can only take people in moderation. I can't handle being around ONE person all the time. it's SO annoying, I'm just like that. You know what else? I Have OTHER FRIENDS. You are not what my world revolves around, sorry to break that truth to you, but I am not going to drop everything to be with you. You just really aren't that important, especially when you gripe about the same thing all the time. If I've heard it before and have given my support PREVIOUSLY, I'm not going to do it again. In fact, it just irritates me. I know your self-esteem is low, but, if yuo really need me to tell you that you're "pretty" or "nice" or boost you up every 5 minutes, then you seriously need help. I try to be nice, but, at the same time, I'm not always goign to be there. There's something called the "world" out there that you're going to be thrown into one day and if you cant' go 5 minutes without a support system, good luck surviving out THERE.


All in all, if you are one of those peopel reading this (which I doubt, but I SO wish you were) then A: Learn Manners, and B: I am not your personal psychiatrist/attendee, learn to survive ON YOUR OWN because I'm SO TIRED OF IT. You people cause me unnecessary amounts of emotional stress that I would be so much better without.

Love ya,

-Lillyth V.J. Grymm